In short, we function as a reseller of Kamagra products. You request what you are interested in and we will deliver it to you in the shortest possible time. The supplier is direct from Ajanta (India) from where it travels to us in the UK and then to you, so expect a delivery time of 5 to 10 working days.
v skratke fungujeme ako sprostredkovaľ, Požiadate si o čo máte záujem a my vám to dodáme v čo najkratšej dobe. Dodavateľ je priamo z ajanty (india) odkiaľ to putuje k nám do Veľkej Británie a potom k vám takže treba rátať s dobou doručenia od 5 do 10 pracovných dní.


Black Widow

 18.00 -  24.00
Black Widow Sex Drops is in the form of liquid drops creates sexual arousal in women and promotes her desire

Cenforce 100 mg

 15.00 -  23.00
Active Substances: One tablet contains 100mg of Sildenafil just like Viagra.   Dosage: The recommended starting dose is half of

Cenforce 150 mg

 18.00 -  24.00
Active Substances: One tablet contains 150mg of Sildenafil just like Viagra.   Dosage: The recommended starting dose is half of

Apcalis-SX Oral Jelly 20mg

 17.00 -  25.00
Apcalis-SX Oral Jelly 20mg is a replacement (Genericum) for Cialis. It contains the same active ingredient Tadalafil as Cialis.  

Sibutramin 20 mg

 30.00 -  39.00
Sibutramine 20 mg is a Medicinal substance that is called sibutramine hydrochloridum monohydricum. One capsule contains 20mg of this substance.


Do you desire a firm and long-lasting erection? Then maybe you are one of the many men who have erection problems or would like to improve its quality. The best way to do this is to take medication containing the medicinal substance sildenfil – this is used to treat insufficient erections. The most famous pill with sildenafil is Viagra, known as the blue pill, which can provide a reliable erection. However, Viagra is just one of many drugs that contain sildenafil. Such drugs are called generics, they are alternatives containing the same drug. The problem with Viagra is the fact that it is very expensive, it is manufactured by the American company Pfizer and regular use will have a significant impact on your wallet. Another disadvantage of Viagra is the fact that you can only get it on prescription, many men find it uncomfortable to confide their problems to a urologist or to regularly visit a doctor’s office to get a prescription.


Safe alternatives to Viagra

A safe alternative to Viagra is Kamagra. It is a drug that contains sildenafil and is just as effective as Viagra, but with the difference that it is more cost-effective and can be purchased without a prescription. The manufacturer of Kamagra is the Indian company Ajanta Pharma and the demand for its products is very high all over the world. Kamagra is taken in virtually the same way as Viagra, an hour or more before intercourse you take it, then combined with arousal and penile stimulation you will experience a very high quality erection. A better erection will give you quality sex and thus a happier partner life.

Always original Kamagra

While Viagra is available only in tablet form, Ajanta Pharma is more innovative and offers Kamagra in multiple versions, i.e. not only in the form of tablets that you take with water, but also in the form of gel or effervescent tablets. Kamagra is always sent in its original packaging, so you can be sure that it is a genuine Ajanta Pharma product and you don’t have to worry about it being a fake or even a placebo.

Order Kamagra

Ordering Kamagra is easy with us, the advantage for you is free shipping which is already included in the price of the product. We will always provide you with discreet packaging so no one will know what you have purchased. As our supplier is the manufacturer Ajanta Pharma itself, the products travel to us all the way from India, so please allow 5-10 days for delivery. We believe that Kamagra will become a helper for you to reboot your intimate life. Always take it as directed, follow the recommended dosage and enjoy its benefits safely.