Rules and conditions of sale

E-shop is only responsible for commitments in writing. The contract between the customer and the online shop is only valid after the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions. By submitting an order, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions.

Offer and availability of goods

The list of goods listed on our website is available through external stock, which means that as soon as you place a request we will contact you immediately and inform you of availability.

Shipping costs and payment

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic we prefer standard mail (Czech and Slovak Post) The cost is already included in the price, so you do not pay postage with us. When you make a request, it is up to our agreement whether you pay in advance or by cash on delivery.

Delivery terms

The delivery time starts from the hour of receipt of the customer’s order. In case of unforeseen circumstances, our online shop reserves the right to extend the delivery time, the customer will be informed immediately via the email provided. The company providing the transport services is responsible for defects in the goods or damaged orders caused by transport.

Order cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel the contract in writing (an email message is sufficient) without giving any reason if the e-shop has not ordered the goods or the customer has not paid. If the customer has paid and the goods have not yet been ordered or shipped, it is sufficient to write an email regarding the cancellation.

Returning the goods

If for any reason the customer cannot return the goods in their original intact condition or if the returned goods are damaged, the customer loses the right to a refund.


The information on the safe use of products contained on this website for individual products is in no way a substitute for advice and examination by a medical practitioner. It is important to consult your doctor about your health problems and possible use of these products before use. We do not recommend that you use the product information provided to diagnose and determine your own treatment for your health problems.

Privacy Policy

Our online shop guarantees the confidentiality of the data collected. Your name or private information will not be disclosed to third parties and is only used for the purpose of delivering the goods ordered to customers.